The majority of my work in this area is with private clients who ask me to work with them on a range of professional and personal issues and interests.  The topics explored mirror the Executive Coaching topics found on my business page. In addition, I have developed some specialist areas which arise from my own experience and personal interest.

Clients usually work with me for up to 6 months, although some for longer and each coaching package is tailored to your individual circumstances.  Sessions are typically 90 minutes and conducted in person or online depending on location.

Professional and Personal Development

If all work paid equally, what would you do?

Career transition  

I am highlighting career transition because it is the topic that most private clients hire me for.  Having had four quite different careers over my working life, I understand the challenges, the thought of ‘starting from scratch’ and dealing with the opinions of others (often their fears)! and - of course - the pay-offs.

Together we will explore personal values, external motivation and reward, and take a deep dive into your skills and strengths and explore what it means to be in transition.  Enquiries are also welcomed from retirees wanting to discover their ‘what’s next’.

Personal Development

If you think you’d like to work with me but are not sure what your area of focus might be, then my coaching retreat In The Making will give you a new lease of life with:


  • Clarity about what’s important to you

  • Confidence to create or let go

  • Commitment to get stuff done

  • Coaching tools and techniques to set you up for life

Specialist coaching

Hoarding disorder

Hoarding disorder is a complex issue and typically builds up over many years, resulting in isolation and loneliness.  Working with clients at home can achieve life changing results accompanied by a real sense of accomplishment and a feeling of getting your life back on track.  The very idea of being able to welcome family and friends back into your home cannot be under estimated, and for many, something they dared not believe could happen.  














As an adoptee (and a very happy one) I have spent a lifetime understanding the importance of building and maintaining healthy relationships.  I truly believe that a coaching approach to adoption, whether you're an adoptee or an adoptive parent, can positively impact your own adoption story.

Client Testimonials

"I was a bit sceptical about coaching as I think it's so hard to empathise with the issues facing a particular workplace or industry unless you've worked in them but Karen didn't take long to get the thread of things and understand the key drivers and problems. She is an excellent listener and able to draw on details of your background and sessions in which you have discussed things effortlessly. As ever, it's about getting you to sort out your own way forward rather than giving you a magic ticket and Karen does this very well."

Peter - Headteacher


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