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Karen's health related work is a reflection of her personal journey and deep interest in the following topics: 

  • Weight loss and weight loss management

  • Managing peri menopause and menopause 

  • Trichotillomania (TTM) 

Quick fixes they are not, and require patience, perseverence, planning and compassion.  

Given the nature of these topics, clients typically work with me for 3, 6 or 12 months, and sometimes longer.  Each coaching programme is tailored to your individual circumstances.  Sessions are typically 60 minutes and conducted in person or online depending on location.​​

Health coaching 

Weight loss and weight management

Following a lifelong struggle with her own weight, Karen has received specialist training as a weight loss and weight management consultant and runs her own SlimmingWorld group in Beaconsfield on a Tuesday.  She has helped more than 300 men and women lose weight, many of whom have transformed their lives as a result.  Find out more.

If joining a group is not your thing, perhaps private weight loss coaching might appeal more?  Designed around your ‘food story’, lifestyle, eating patterns, habits and triggers, Karen will help you adopt new habits so that you can achieve amazing results, re-write your relationship with food and achieve a goal weight that you have always dreamed of. 

The Menopause

Women Stretching

Game on,

not game over

Karen's interest in the menopause is a reflection of the natural approach she has taken with hers - mainly through weight loss and lifestyle changes.  She feels very grateful to be in better health now than in her 40s. 

She is on a mission to help women do the same in the belief that they see that menopause matters less about stage and far more about renewal, rediscovery and feeling on top of their game, particularly as this transition can be upward of 10 and sometimes up to 15 years. 

If we also consider that life expectancy for women in the UK is 86, this means we can expect to live 1/3rd of our lives in menopause and so my mantra would be ‘Game on, not game over’!

It’s not all plain sailing though as the startling facts below reveal:

The facts

  1. 13m UK women are either peri or post menopausal 

  2. 80% experience symptoms 

  3. Almost half say they feel depressed

  4. 1/3rd suffer with anxiety

  5. 2/3rds say there is a general lack of support and understanding.  

The reality

Added to this, for many women, the menopause occurs at a time when they're being pulled in both directions - literally!

Aging parents on one hand and supporting children and, maybe, their children on the other. Karen thinks the term 'Sandwich Generation', or 'Club Sandwich' if your kids have had kids, sums it up nicely don’t you? 

And that’s before we factor the demands of work and/or wider family friends into the mix!

No wonder we struggle and feel foggy as we tussle with reduced energy and poor sleep! 


In 2019 Karen was invited by the BMI to talk to more than 120 women about some of the key wellbeing strategies that can be adopted during peri menopause.  She was struck by the general lack of support and information which exists and now offers 1:1 and group coaching to address this important need. 

Menopause coaching - 1:1

Karen offers tailor-made 6 and 12 month plans. Working together, we will develop number of lifestyle and wellbeing strategies designed to give you a life lift, reduce stress and increase energy.  

Menopause coaching - Groups

Sessions are held at 6-8 weeks intervals where Karen facilitates high quality conversations exploring key menopause topics including concerns about weight gain, anxiety/brain-fog/mood swings, loss of libido, reduced energy and disturbed sleep.  

Learning and sharing in this way will give you clarity about what to tackle and the confidence and the desire to make new plans. It is quite simply about having the support, time and space to do this. 

If you would like to know more, get in touch here

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TTM (Trichotillomania – a compulsive hair-pulling disorder)

Trichotillomania (TTM) is a relatively little-known compulsive hair pulling disorder affecting around 1% of the population.  Also known as a BFRB (body focussed repetitive behaviour) the onset of the condition can be a single event – sometimes a trauma – or not.  Karen has TTM but has been pull-free for several years.  She offers coaching to those with the condition who have since become pull-free and manage their condition effectively. Programmes are designed on a client by client basis. 

For further information on specialist hair systems and treatments, please visit The Lucinda Ellery Hair Loss Consultancy.

Client Testimonials

"Having been unsuccessful, many times,  "going it alone" on my weight management journey I was fortunate enough to meet Karen Hayns at a local Slimming World Group. Karen has made an immediate and lasting difference to my mindset due to her support and self empowering sessions during the weekly meetings. She has helped me to understand how my emotions and history were getting in the way of my long term goals and has totally changed my mindset through her non judgemental and supportive coaching style. Her ability to support the individual whilst also inspiring the rest of the audience is awesome and I find myself eagerly anticipating the next weeks session  to learn not only about my own journey but to reinforce the whole groups outcomes. Karen shows empathy, kindness and real and sensible advice along with positive reinforcement. I would highly recommend Karen."
Kate D - Beaconsfield

"Losing weight, and then maintaining it, I believe is only 50% food, the rest is attitude, knowing and helping yourself as you would your best friend.  When you understand how, have a plan and then live it with enjoyment and not feel deprived is at the heart of it.

Karen understands this, doesn’t play down how trying the changes required can be and is a great coach. She supports you in such a kind way whilst teaching you how to view yourself, be kinder to yourself, lose any shame, brush off any bad days (which everyone in life has and will continue to have) and learn to handle them differently when you can.

I have lost just short of 3 stones in 8 months, in a healthy way that is not depriving me from the social, enjoyable and fun side of eating.  I am now in the next phase of cracking how to maintain the weight as I have yo-yoed for the last 15 years.


Karen truly cares about you and your individual needs, doesn't give you platitudes and has such an amazing ability to always be available to help and support and the world needs more people like her!"

Fiona P - Beaconsfield

I have been dealing with trich (Trichotillomania or TTM)since I was 10 years old and only my close family knew about it.  When I met Karen for the first time I was a bit reserved and I didn't feel comfortable talking about the condition. However, her positive energy and relaxed approach helped me to open up during our conversations. She was genuinely interested in helping me cope with stress and trich. By sharing her own struggle with the condition she gave me courage throughout the change process. I consider Karen a friend and I feel lucky that I had her as a coach!

Olivia, London

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