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My practice

Hello, I’m Karen and the Founder of Future Perfect, an independent coaching practice based in south Buckinghamshire.  As you’ve been glancing through you’ll see that to some clients I’m a business and team coach, to others a career coach, or weightloss consultant, working with people to transition their lives privately and professionally.  I’m very happy to be called any one of these, because I love the variety it offers and it’s where my sense of freedom comes from.  

For me it’s everything - the freedom to choose, the freedom to think and the freedom to just be myself, which I hope may strike a chord with you too.


My latest ventures are the development of Menopause coaching and a personal development retreat-style programme called In The Making. Designed with busy lifestyles in mind, it’s offers you six and a half coaching days spread over 12 months, with as much or little coaching in between, plus all the energy and fun that a small group of people can muster and it promises to be year of discovery and accomplishment.

My Coaching Philosophy
When I was doing my coach training at Henley Business School, I quickly realised that no one tool or technique suits everyone and so my approach is adaptive, which means I draw on a number of different theories and schools of thought.  My take is that a tool simply helps you to access the work in hand and so each has its place and use. 

I’m also not one for miracle cures and quick fixes, although we live in a world which makes a good case for them.  I’m all about being in it for the long run.  From getting clear on what really matters and the commitment to keep going, whilst developing resilience to ride out the tough bits, and emerge wiser, happier with a deep sense of accomplishment. That’s what life’s about, isn’t it?

For me that’s meaningful work and it combines transition and change.  It’s a universal principle whether you’re going solo, in a team or running a business, and it works.

Business experience

Before I retrained as a coach, I spent 25 years in business and offer clients extensive experience in retail, professional services (partnerships), outsourcing/offshoring. I specialised in delivering business change programmes to international and global businesses, working to overcome cultural issues including fear, loss of control and mis-trust. 

My coaching experience spans professional services, education, pharma, financial services, retail and more recently construction with clients from different disciplines and geographies.  However, many of their challenges are similar - relational and cultural.  

If I had one wish for business right now, it would be to make teams fashionable again.  They seem to have lost their way in a business world obsessed with a mantra of more (that’s growth) for less (cost) with fewer resources (people). And yet the answer lies in the power of the collective because a group mind and collective effort can always accomplish more than individuals working alone or getting sidetracked with politics and other non-productive activity.    

This is why my work with teams has a focus on relationship and role.  I encourage teams to do their inner work first because if they do this in an increasingly uncertain and complex world, collectivism is their trump card.

Qualifications, training & memberships

  • MSc in Coaching & Behavioural Change with Henley Business School, with distinction (2015)

  • Executive  Coach on the school’s Executive MBA programme (since 2013) and the Henley Leadership Programme (since 2018)

  • Practicing Executive Coach with APECS 

  • I keep my practice relevant and ethical through regular professional coaching supervision and CPD with specialists in my field 

  • MHFA England - Adolescent trained (2020)

Psychometric tools in use: 

  • MBTI and FIRO-B

  • My360plus (developed by Henley Business School)

  • Strengths Profiling - 60 strengths mapped across the dimensions of performance, energy and use

  • Positive Intelligence – Understanding defensive/survival behaviours and routines)

  • NEO Personality Inventory

Future Perfect trades as a limited company with £10m public and products liability and £2m professional indemnity and malpractice insurance.

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